Compassionately Working with Children in Care: A Therapeutic Approach

Two Day Workshop

The Compassionately Working with Children in Care training workshop is applicable for both individuals wishing to innovate within their team and for whole staff teams wishing to adopt a consistent approach towards young people who present with challenging behaviour. The skills taught are relevant to professionals as well as the young people they work with.

It is essential for all children’s services to ensure young people are being treated with compassion and without judgement.

Professionals who work with children in care often experience challenging behaviour. This can lead to increased levels of stress and burnout which can negatively affect the care given to the young people.

This workshop highlights that challenging behaviour is a form of communication and should be understood alongside the child’s past adverse life experiences (e.g. child maltreatment/abuse).

Organisations and teams that adopt a compassion focused way of working with young people are likely to see improved outcomes for the young people. Professionals are also more likely to be protected against high levels of stress and burnout. This means a healthier and happier staff team.

This workshop covers key skills professionals can use to understand and improve the lives of the young people they work with. These skills include: case formulation; mindfulness techniques; writing and reporting using compassionate language; and sensory exercises.

Learning Outcomes of Compassionately Working with Children in Care

Day One

  • Learn more about trauma and how it develops
  • Develop an understanding of a compassion focused approach
  • How to compassionately formulate ourselves and our clients.

Day Two

  • Develop a compassionate understanding of challenging behaviour and why it occurs
  • Establish awareness of an innovative way to work with children and young people
  • Build your therapeutic skills so that you can develop compassion for yourself and others.

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