Positive Behaviour Support Training Level 1

Two Day Workshop

Our positive behaviour support training will enable direct carers and others working with young people who present with challenging behaviours, with the skills and confidence to apply behaviour management strategies that will significantly reduce occurrences of challenging behaviours.

For more information on what PBS offers please visit www.bild.org.uk.

The reduction of the use of restrictive physical interventions is a key feature of today’s behaviour management strategies within children’s services. Applying proactive strategies that are designed to improve the quality of life for young people reduces the need for reactive strategies such as physical interventions and restrictive practices.

Positive Behaviour Support is an evidenced based support practice that uses a person centred, values based model in order to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people and reduce challenging behaviour.

This is achieved by assessing the social and physical environment of individuals, the views of all involved stakeholders and using his understanding to develop support that improves quality of life for the person and others around them.

There is an option to add our ‘restraint’ module to this workshop. If taken the course will increase to three days.

For managers and supervisors who have already attended PBS training we recommend PBS Training Course Level 2.

Learning Outcomes of Positive Behaviour Support Training Level 1

  • Develop the ability to apply evidenced based behaviour models in to own practice
  • Understand the differences between proactive and reactive strategies
  • Develop strategies to improve quality of life
  • Develop effective behaviour management plans
  • Robust record keeping and behaviour analysis
  • How to identify triggers and manage environments effectively
  • Minimise physical interventions
  • How to identify the needs of young people
  • Gain confidence in working with challenging young people

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