An introduction to working with Children and Young People who present with Harmful Sexual Behaviour

One Day Workshop

The aim of this course is to assist people to understand some of the issues involved in working with young people and children presenting harmful sexual behaviour. It will also enable them to begin to prepare for and undertake assessments and interventions in this area.

Research suggests that a third of all cases of sexual abuse in the UK involve children or young people as perpetrators. As the problem is being more frequently identified, more professionals are being called on to work with these young people. This course has been developed by two practitioners in the field who bring years of practical experience to the training. They offer a practice based approach which is backed up by relevant research.

We will provide knowledge and understanding of some of the reasons why young people develop sexually inappropriate behaviour by examination of their experiences. We will examine research which underpins risk assessments and an examination of the risk issues these youngsters present, and provide knowledge of the legislation which underpins work with this group.

We will also look at understanding of the consequences and implications for youngsters who are convicted of sex offences including Sex Offender Registration, “risk to children” status and employment difficulties.

Learning Outcomes Young People and Children Presenting Harmful Sexual Behaviour:

  • An understanding of some of the reasons why young people develop sexually inappropriate behaviours
  • Knowledge of the legislation which underpins work with this group
  • An understanding of the implications for young people convicted of these offences
  • An introduction to assessment models and an examination of the risk issues these youngsters present
  • Intervention planning and practical resource ideas.

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