An introduction to Safeguarding Children and Young People

One Day Workshop

This safeguarding children training is designed for all practitioners who work with children and young people. It is essential for individuals working in this industry to understand what safeguarding is, what abuse is and, how to identify key indicators of abuse.

Safeguarding is about protecting children and young people from harm and neglect. What we know about child abuse relies on children and young people who are identified by Social Care. It is likely that these children and young people represent the tip of the iceberg, meaning that child abuse is often unreported or unrecognised (Davies & Ward, 2012).

Recent statistics highlighted that there has been an increase in the number of recorded sexual offences, cruelty and neglect, online abuse against children and young people in the past year across the UK (Bentley et al., 2016). Although, this may indicate improved reporting and recording of child abuse much more is needed to be done to safeguard them.

Organisations and practitioners need to ensure they are up to date with relevant legislation, research and local guidelines in order to effectively protect children and young people. Many practitioners work with vulnerable children and young people. Therefore, it is crucial that individuals working directly with these young people have the knowledge and skills to address safeguarding concerns in a comprehensive manner. This workshop is suitable for individuals and whole staff teams who want to gain awareness of safeguarding best practice and apply this knowledge in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes Safeguarding Children Training

  • To understand the different types of child abuse
  • To identify the key indicators of abuse
  • To become aware of key Child Protection legislation, policy and guidance application
  • To understand the importance of working with external agencies
  • To learn what actions to take when suspected child abuse has occurred
  • To demonstrate how pro-active strategies can be applied to aid Safeguarding practice
  • To provide an overview of Safe Care Practice
  • To apply appropriate boundaries with children and young people.

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