Richard Jones

Director and Principle Trainer

Richard is a Forensic Psychologist in Training, due to complete his Doctorate in Forensic Psychology at the University of Nottingham in 2017. He has experience working in forensic settings including prisons, courts, community services, secure inpatient services and residential children’s homes.

His clinical experience has involved working with both victims and offenders (incl. violent and non-violent) who have presented with mental illness, learning disability, personality disorder, and trauma symptomatology. Richard has been employed as the lead psychologist at a private therapeutic children’s home provider in Nottinghamshire, where he created a psychology service for the young people residing and staff working in the home. This provided robust psychological assessment, individual and group treatment interventions, service evaluation, research and audit, psychological consultancy and training.

Richard is an honorary invited lecturer at the Centre of Family and Forensic Psychology, University of Nottingham, and has trained doctorate students, psychiatrists, psychologists, magistrates, community psychiatric nurses, healthcare assistants, forensic nursing staff, occupational therapists and residential care workers.

His clinical and research interests include Looked After Children, trauma symptomatology, childhood exposure to inter-parental conflict and violence, child maltreatment, family violence, risk assessment and care proceedings.