Glynis Storer

Social Work Consultant and Trainer

Glynis Storer is a qualified and experienced social worker and social work manager. She has a BA in Social Studies, alongside a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (CQSW), and is a qualified social work student practice manager.

With a strong professional background in social work in local authority Children’s Services Teams, her experience of over 25 years covers Child Protection as well as Youth Offending Team work. Glynis worked for many years with children and young people who were deemed to present a high risk to the public through their behaviour. She was responsible for assessing and managing the risk that these young people pose to ensure better outcomes for them personally and to reduce the risk of them re-offending.

Glynis then went on to manage a team of case managers who were charged with supervising children and young people on Court Orders who had committed, and were deemed to be at high risk of committing sexual and violent crimes. Her interest has always been in the welfare of young people and in particular in vulnerable young males who are at risk of sexual exploitation and the consequences of this on them and on their future behaviour.

Glynis is currently a social work consultant to residential children’s homes which accommodate children in care. She also chairs Children in Need Review meetings for the local authority on an intermittent basis, ensuring her practice remains up to date. Outside of work she retains a keen interest in promoting excellent and compassionate practice with a therapeutic approach to care.